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3W Botanical Extract Inc. Joining the 2012 Swiss International Vitafoods Exhibition


1. Basic situation of the exhibition

The Swiss international vitafoods exhibition sponsored by IIR (British company) every year, and this is the fourteenth times. The range of the exhibition was very wide. It includes raw materials, finished products, production technology, consulting services and so on. It’s the largest professional exhibition in the industry of nutrition and health care products and functional food in European.

In this year, The Swiss international vitafoods exhibition will be held in Palexpo, May 22 to 24, 2012. There are about 600 exhibitors from all over the world to join the exhibition, and attract at least 5000 visitors. So, the scale of this exhibition is bigger than all previous.


2. Exhibition products

The booth number of 3W Botanical Extract Inc. is C32, occupied 18 square. The company sent 3 employees to take part in this exhibition in order to focus on the promotion of 30 kinds of products. Follows are the 30 products:

Sweetener series: luo han guo extract, stevia extract, sweet tea extract, citrus extract.

Antioxidation series: bilberry extract, cranberry extract, marigold extract, green tea extract, Giant knotweed extract, grape skin extract.

Solution wine and liver-protecting series: magnolia bark Extract, vine tea extract, milk thistle extract, kudzu root extract.

Functional composition series: epimedium extract, Tongkat Ali extract, yohimbine, tribulus terrestris extract

Other function series: ligustrum extract, gynostemma extract, hawthorn extract, ginger extract, pepper extract, red clover extract.

Juice powder series: blueberry juice powder, strawberry juice powder, pomegranate juice powder, apple juice powder.


3. Exhibition effects

The show attracts domestic and foreign visitors about 450 person-time. Among them, there are about 50 who have contacted the exhibition before the show, approximately 11.1% of the total visitors, and 88.9% are new customers. The per capita reception visitor 150 person-time, average talk time up to 8 minutes / passengers, about 350 customers have medium to high intention, accounts for 78% of the total number of visitors. There are about 200 offers provide on the spot, and the amount of the contract which has achieved the intention were more than $5,000,000. It has sent about 200 samples and more than 2000 corporate publicity material, covering about 40% of the entire fair participation personnel, over 1000 copies of potential partners information has been received, mainly from Europe, North America, East Asia and other areas. After the exhibition, most visitors (above 90%) continued keep in touch with company salesman.


4. Exhibition summary

This exhibition provided a moderate cost and efficient opportunity to develop customers. According to statistics, compared with other business development methods, the cost of the exhibition increased about 33%, the efficiency of potential customers development raised about 58%, the efficiency of high intention customer development raised about 167%, the success rate of intention customer maintenance improved about 90%. The average working time of customer development was shortened by about 69%, the initial intent amount up to the conventional development mode 802%. This exhibition is not only give company a large number of potential customers and supply and demand information, but also provided great help to the sales personnel training, the expansion of enterprise’ influence, market trend and cognitive of competition situation.



The development and use of plant resources’ functional component is the key of natural resources development and utilization which attract current international attention. It face to the pure natural biological food market, including natural health supplements, dietary supplements, natural pigments, functional food / beverage. It has a huge market and consumer groups in the global range.

The Swiss international vitafoods exhibition laid a solid foundation for plant resources in China to go out of the country to benefit mankind, provided opportunities for Chinese natural products companies to access to global natural product ideas, pointed out the way with the market development trend. As China is the second biggest producer of medicinal materials in the world, it also gave chances for development of Chinese herbs and plants resource to integrate international consumer trends closely. We should seize this rare opportunity, and make unremitting efforts for the internationalization of Chinese plant resources. People of the world will be proud of high-quality and efficient" made in China" natural products!



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