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3W Botanical Extract Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer of the Herbal Extracts in China, we do all for dedicated to the identification, development and production of natural active ingredients from Chinese herb.

We possess several advanced instrument of manufacture including Dynamic multifunction extractor, recycle concentrator, column separator, Vacuum drier, microwave drier, and so on. We have professional group of research, development, manufacture and technique, we also have rigorous and scientific manage system. 3W is Professional manufacturer of medicinal plant extract for export use in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, health-food , functional beverage ,and cosmetics industries.


I. Multifunction extraction cans

Multifunction extraction cans is a efficiency and manageable instrument for ordinary pressure, miniature pressure, water simmering, warm impregnation, thermal circumfluence, compelled recycle percolation, aromatic extraction, organic solvents recovery and many other crafts in herbal medicine, food, chemical industry. With purging system CIP is equipted in the cans, multifunction extraction cas match the medical standard of GMP. Multifunction extraction cans is able to achieve in warm impregnation, thermal circumfluence, extraction of volatile components when combined with condenser, chiller and water-oil separator in dynamic extraction of water extraction, alcohol extraction and organic solvent extraction in botanical medicine and herbal medicine industry.


II. Stainless steel Chromatographic column

Columns separation, also be known as Column chromatography, is a technique that construct stationary phase by filling a column with insoluble mediums, when protein mixture sample added on column, flushing with specific solvent. In this case, mobile phase was formed by the solvent. Varies of protein group is separated one by one after multiple replication, according to the difference of partition coefficient of component in protein mixture in stationary phase and mobile phase, in the process of sample is flushing down from column. Operation mode of chromatograph is consist of atmospheric separation, vacuum separation and pressurization separationat present. Atmospheric is the simplest separation mode with convenience operation but take long time to flushiing. Vacuum separation cost lesser filler, but solvent will volatilize when large number of air get through of filler and sometimes there will be coagulum formed by steam at out shell of column. Otherwise, pump or vacuum pump is needed for air exhaust and some segregative compounds are hard to obtain by this technique. Pressurization separation is consider as a better technique that be able to shorten eluention time of sample by raising the flow rate of eluent. The only difference between atmospheric and pressurization separation is that impressed pressure support by compressed air, double bulb, or minor air pump make eluent be wash out faster in pressurization separation.


III. Vacuum oven

Vacuum oven is a instrument used to desiccate materials by principle of vacuumize, what make haste of vaporization by apply enough heat to meet boiling point of material to make evaporate and boil happen at same time in negative pressure because melting point and boiling point of water in materials will decreased when vacuum degree increased in this condition. To make liquid for example waterbe able to get out of surface of material by acquire enough kinetic energy, assist by vacuum pump is needed to suck out moistures regularly. Intrinsical features of materials that easy to happen chemical reaction in process of drying, for example, oxidation, are able to preserve when air is isolated in negative pressure in vacumm oven. Another way to pretect materials is available by vacuumize after inert gases injected.


IV. Vacuum reduced pressure concentrator

Vacuum reduced pressure concentrator is composed of concentrator, condenser, vapor-liquid separator, cooler, and accumulator of solid to liquid. The theory is that we lower the boiling point of liquid through decompression. In doing so, the feed liquor could be boiling in low temperature. And then, vapor from feed liquor will be condensed into water by passing through the condenser,vapor-liquid separator and cooler. The water will all converge into accumulator of solid to liquid. Concentration feed liquor will obtained by those step.

Advantages fo using Vacuum reduced pressure concentrator include simple theroy, easy operation, high efficiency, low outlet temperature of concentration procedures,less oxidation of feed liquor, prevent solution of material and also suitable for Heat - sensitive substance and easily oxidized substances.

Vacuum reduced pressure concentrator widely used in pharmaceutical , food and chemical industries. The material of Vacuum reduced pressure concentrator are all stainless steel, it has good corrosion-resistant, and in accordance with GMP certification.


V. Macroporous resin column

Macroporous resin column is a kind of macromolecule polymeric adsorbent with macropore structure.

It has macroporous mesh structure and large specific surface area, resin adsorb organic matter of different organizations thus the organic of different organization separated successfully.

The quality of the macroporous resin adsorption process directly depens on the circumstances of absorption and desorption.

Therefore, we will take all factors of whole technological process into consideration for providing good surroundings for absorption and desorption.

Several factors influence resinabsorption, like characteristic of rawmaterial, property of solvent, consistency and velocity of flow, and the polarity & velocity of flow of eluent etc.


VI. Spray dryer

Theory of spray dryer is that lead hot wind into the drying tower through its top, meanwhile, deliver the feed liquor to the top of drying tower. Next step, the feed liquor will become mist droplets by using atomizer. The superficial area of Those mist droplets together is tremendous, they will be evaporated under high temperature air and hot wind. In this way, feed liquor became dry prodnets in a very short time. Exclude from the dry bottom of the column temperature was significantly lower after the contact of hot air and droplet, humidity level increased, it was discharged by the exhaust fan. Disconnecting gear will recover the particulate in the waste gas.

High fast in drying is what Spray good at, and its merit also include product will have good decentralized property,fluidity and solubility, production process is simple, Convenient control,Easy to automate. It is suitable for mass production of  heat sensitive material, biological product and pharmaceutical preparation continuously. It is almostly colse to the standard of Vacuum drying.


3W have sophisticated extraction technique and Abundance experience, we are practicing GMP standard in our factory to assure stabilization quality and various specification. Until now, We have developed more 200 kinds of high quality herbal extracts and keeping production capacity of more than 800 kinds of botanical extracts. Our mainly products including Dihydromyricetin, Magnolol, Luo Han Guo P.E, Flaxseed P.E, Grape skin P.E, Stevioside, Hop spike P.E, oleanolic acid, Tongkat Ali P.E, Magnolia P.E, Pueraria P.E, Green tea P.E, and so on. Our products major export to the United States, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Japan and South Korea, are widely used in the industries of foods, beverages, pharmaceutics, cosmetics either as raw materials or as additives or as nutrimental supplements or as natural antioxidants.