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3W Botanical Extract Inc. is the subsidiary company of Hunan Nutramax Inc., the world leading company in the identification, development and production of active ingredients from plants, for pharmaceutical, diatery supplement and food industries. 

Main products:

  • Magnolia Extract (Magnolol / Honokiol) 
  • Luo Han Guo Extract (Mogrosides)
  • Grape peel Extract (Resveratrol)
  • Stevia Extract (Stevioside)
  • Sweet tea leaf Extract (Rubusoside)
  • Panax Ginseng Extract (Ginsenosides)




3W puts their most focus to their R&D strength, covering:
  • The screening of medicinal plants for pharmacological benefits
  • The identification of new active principles
  • The development of cutting-edge extraction and purification systems for industrial applications.
Phyto-chemical research is carried out in 3W own Research Center in Changsha, China. 3W also co-operates with the world most prestige universities and private research institutes in the biological assessment of the safety and effectiveness.



After years of accumulation of international trade experience and customer resources, 3W has established good brand image, solid customer base and sales and services network in the field of plant extracts. Our products are popular in Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asian and over 40 countries due to its excellent quality and competitive price. 3W has a strong interdisciplinaryR&D team consisting of doctors and masters from phytochemistry, traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, natural medicinal chemistry and modern instrumental analysist, we also posses the most advanced R&D instruments and QC instruments. At the same time our R&D center established long-time and closely, enthusiastically cooperate, with several well-known herbal medicine research orgnization including

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Hunan
  • Hunan Agriculture University
  • Natural Products Research Center of Hunan
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine of Guangdong

To promote technical innovation and adapt to market development  and finally reached a consensus: We shall work for the health of human around the world and the realization of traditional Chinese herbal in worldwide by scientific, modern management, with enviromental protection be our faith.